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Here’s a question

For the first time in a long time, I’m starting the school year in a new place. In a new office, in a new school, in a new district. 

One of my mentors, Dan Hickey, writes “begin planning your opening staff meeting. Do not be last minute on this. Teachers have to prepare at a minimum 15 lessons a week. This is your one lesson and it needs to be done well. This is urgent, get to work!”

He’s spot on. It’s the first day of school, with a room full of professionals, all ready to get to work and all with a list of tasks to complete. I feel an added pressure for this to go well this year, I’m brand new. 

Before I get to the question, two details. 

– I’m working hard this month to meet everyone, my goal is to already know who people are before the first staff meeting. 

– I don’t like long meetings, and neither do teachers. This goal is a meeting that will be less than an hour – meaning some details will be sent to staff before the meeting so they can read the beginning of the year information. 

It is with all this information in mind that I turn to you, my fellow educators. 

Teachers, what do you want to hear from your new principal at the opening staff meeting?

Principals, what did you, or will you say at your opening staff meeting? 


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2 thoughts on “Here’s a question

  1. Steven Weber on said:

    This video works well.

    Play it. Then, ask “What’s Your Sentence?” Have them turn and talk to a co-worker.

    Steven Sent from my iPhone


  2. I started with ‘What are you proud of?’, ‘What do you want me to know?’. Hey, good luck to you! Your new staff is lucky!

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