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Remember the Milk, the Lightning Round Edition

Educators have a tough job.

As a principal, I want to be productive, motivated and creative.

Daniel Pink tells us that to be motivated, we need to do purposeful work.
Teresa Amabile tells us that to productivity comes from the “small wins” we feel when we make progress in work we find meaningful.
Gregory Ciotti tells us that being consistent with our work habits actually yields more creativity.

On the door of my office is a paper with my 5 current work priorities, you can see an example below. Each morning, I take ten minutes and make a list of tasks to accomplish that day, aligned with my priorities, in Remember the Milk, an app that syncs across devices. As I work, I select the tasks I have assigned myself, and check them off. The “Task Completed” tab that pops up is an immediate small reminder that I have accomplished work and advanced my priorities.


Remember the Milk, a task list that you can take anywhere and that helps me feel productive, motivated and creative.


The above is the text (to the best of my recollection) of my talk at the NASSP Ignite15 Technology Lightning Round, an opportunity I am grateful to have had.


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