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In only 3 years

As I sat in our front room the other night, my daughter walked, grabbed my iPad and headed for her bedroom. After a minute, I followed her down the hallway, where I found her sprawled out on the floor, watching a YouTube video of “The Wheels on the Bus.”

Make no mistake, Averie is bright (admittedly I have a bias), and I could not be more proud of her. However, I don’t think her ability to unlock an iPad, pick and app and find a video is unique to her.

3 years from now, Averie will start Kindergarten. Like many two year olds across the country, she is able to use technology tools on a limited basis now, and spends winter days back and forth between books, toys and an iPad. She’ll come to school with the skill set of a typical kindergartener, and an awareness of digital tools. She won’t be the only one.

I realize the need to improve our technology infrastructure and expand our access and policies for students, but seeing a two year old capable of using tools that are still scarce in many schools is a reminder of how far we need to come, not only for my child’s school, but for all of those students who come to our schools ready to use digital tools.

The 21st century is now 15 years old. Are we working fast enough to modernize our schools to embrace the tools students come to school already knowing how to use?


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2 thoughts on “In only 3 years

  1. John, I too am amazed at the proficiency of my girls and the technology available to them. I can’t help but wonder what will “be” 2, 5, 10 years from now and how it will change our world.

  2. How do we bring this speech beyond the choir? How do we demonstrate it concretely to those most in need of seeing it more clearly? How do we “yell louder” to be heard over the standardized testing lobby? Or, will it take a grass roots rebellion by kids to bring it to the ruling class?


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