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Attendance Matters

“80 percent of success is showing up.”

This quote, often attributed to filmmaker Woody Allen, is a reminder of how important attendance is. We cannot educate students that don’t come to school. Walking through the front door every day is, literally, the first step toward success.

While attendance is a simple, yet profound indicator of student engagement, and a simple, yet profound predictor of student achievement, it is often overlooked.

Take time to reflect on student attendance today.

– Do you foster an environment that makes students want to come to school?
– Do you monitor and follow up to find out why students are not attending?
– When you discover issues that are hindering student attendance, do you address them, or do you place blame on the student who is not showing up?


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2 thoughts on “Attendance Matters

  1. These are great questions. It’s too easy to just mark students absent and move on with your day. Sometimes there may be a bigger issue at play. Parental involvement, sickness, family issues, or apathetic attitudes could factor into why students are missing school. While the teachers don’t have a huge role in getting students in the doors, they certainly do play a part.

  2. Every statement in this post is 100% accurate. As a current student, I completely agree that attendance is crucial for education. If students don’t attend school or skip class they cannot learn, it is as simple as that.
    In my future teaching career, I will bring these questions with me as a reminder, and a reflection, on how important student attendance is to their education.

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