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Run Your Race

A point of pride for our school is hosting an annual cross country meet in late October that is one of the biggest invitationals for middle level teams in the state. While I never participated in Cross Country myself, I have attended enough events to know that when the runners pass, it’s appropriate to clap and say “run your race.”

The idea of “run your race” is an essential one for cross country, a sport about contributing to a team, but also one centered in competing against yourself for a better time than you ran in the race before.

As educators, we’re approaching the first “marker” in our school year, the middle of the first marking period. It’s a good time to take stock of how you’re doing on accomplishing your goals. As I mentioned in an earlier post, meeting your goals requires being patient.

For your own reflection, here’s a few questions to gauge how you’re doing so far:

– As an administrator, have I started getting into classrooms and giving teachers feedback on their instruction?
– Have I really started getting to know our new students? Have I reconnected with everyone that is “back?”
– I was intentional about reconnecting with every staff member as the school year kicked off, have I maintained those connections?
– Have I started work on my goals for the year? What have I done?
– Am I focused on teaching and learning? If so, how would students, staff and parents know?

Take a minute, think about your goals, and in the words of Dan HickeyDan Hickey, “get to work.” Stay patient and “run your race,” as you make this year the best one of your career.


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