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About Our School Novel

This week, we kicked off a very exciting initiative. For the first time, we’re going to collectively read a school-wide novel. This project was an idea of one of our teachers, and has grown by leaps and bounds since she first proposed it last spring.

Our focus areas at our school are improving student attendance and improving reading and math achievement. This project directly helps two of our focus areas:

Attendance: Research indicates that a connection to school and a positive school culture where everyone feels as though they belong is one of the best ways to ensure children come to school.

Reading: Research has shown that providing opportunities to read, along with adult “reading role-models” improves student performance.

Our book for the year is “How to Steal a Dog” by Barbara O’Connor. In addition to reading as a school and working on class activities, this book will continue to be talked about through our Character lessons in our advisory program, in our ELA courses, and in other pockets of our building during the entire school year.

As I sat in to participate in the first round of reading the other day, I was struck by the power of listening. By being open and supportive of staff ideas, an amazing opportunity to build a learning community is happening, further proof that the best ideas come from our classrooms.


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3 thoughts on “About Our School Novel

  1. Dana Martin on said:

    Mr. Bernia-
    Two things… 1. Thanks you for the idea for our school wide book this year. 🙂 2. I am presenting to new and up and coming Administrators. Can I please share your Pledge? Thank you for sharing your wisdom

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