The Principal's Principles

A Middle School Principal, striving to make the world a better place, one day at a time.

The Mouth of the River

Trust is a simple word, but a complex idea.

Throughout history, the rise and fall of empires, companies, people have all hinged on trust. When it is present, people pull together and accomplish things that individuals never could. When it is absent, even the simplest of task cannot be achieved.

Trust is not something we “do” for the first couple of weeks of the school year. While it is critical to establish trust in those first few days, intentionally maintaining trust over a long period of time is what will push your classroom or school to new heights. We have to recognize this potential and remember that while trust can be established with words, it’s through our actions that it is maintained or lost.

Make time to reflect on trust. Are your actions building and maintaining trust, or driving it away? Should those you lead trust you?

There’s a saying “trust arrives on foot but leaves on horseback.” Align your actions to your words and make yourself a person worthy of trust.


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