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Good Schools Act Like Good Schools

Last Sunday, the Detroit Free Press began a series on Charter Schools in Michigan. Part of the rollout was an editorial by Stephen Henderson that was well worth reading. It included the quote:

“The point is I chose our school because it’s good, and it’s good because of the standards it embraces and upholds.”

Interested, I took to Twitter and asked for more information. I wasn’t disappointed, Mr. Henderson was more than generous with his time by responding to me. Our brief conversation can be seen here.

My takeaway from the editorial and our discussion is that good schools behave like good schools. Public, private or charter, good schools have a vision and core principles, can clearly articulate that vision and those principles to stakeholders, have high standards, and engage parents in a meaningful dialogue around student performance.

Good schools have strong assessments that inform instruction and give proper feedback to learners. Their measures are communicated in a user friendly way.

Good schools view parents as partners, students as a resource, and are focused on achievement.

State policy can guide standards, give a framework for local school boards to make curricular decisions, provide funding, set accountability measures, and create other mandates. However, no matter how strong state education policy is, good schools act like good schools.


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