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Remarks – NJHS Induction, June 2014

Remarks – NJHS Induction – June 3, 2014

Good Evening and welcome to our 2014 NJHS induction.

To open, a word to the parents, grandparents, friends and extended family members who are here this evening. I offer my sincere congratulations to you on the accomplishment of your inductee, it is clear that you value and are committed to your child’s education.

And now, a word to our inductees.

Some nights, before she goes to bed, I read a book titled “Goodnight Moon” to my daughter Averie. When I first read it to her, I didn’t see much. The entire book is about a rabbit taking stock of what is in his room, then saying goodnight to each item.

Having read the book a few (hundred) times now, I realize there’s an important message to this story, and one worth sharing as you are inducted into an important service organization at our school.

Be sure to take stock of what is around you, and to show appreciation for everything with your words and actions.

It’s easy to ignore the “little things” around our school. A crumbled piece of paper on the floor to be recycled, the teacher who stays up late to perfect a lesson plan, or the countless contributions of support staff members to serve food, give medicine, or transport you to school or home. Over the next year, as you step into a leadership role and focus on gaining service hours, pay attention to the people around you, volunteer for opportunities to help others, and be the kind of leader that says “thank you” when people at our school do important work that makes Oakview the place that it is.

The items in the rabbit’s room, a telephone, a red balloon, and a picture of the cow jumping over the moon, are seemingly unimportant. By saying “goodnight” to each, the rabbit shows his appreciation to each of them. My challenge to you over the next year is to show your appreciation for the school we’re lucky enough to call our own through your words and actions as members of the National Junior Honor Society.

Congratulations to each of you.


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