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Stick with your game plan

Here in Michigan, we’ve had our share of winter. Record snow, coupled with dangerously low temperatures have made school days impossible. I’m confident many are like me and feeling stressed over the time lost, and wishing for a return to the comfortable “rhythm” of a school year. In these moments, when perceptions of “I am so behind” sets in, it’s typical to want to press harder or feel driven to work faster.

While we have to make up some ground, remember, fast work is often sloppy work. Remember the words of John Wooden, “be quick, but don’t hurry.”

Focus on planning quality educational experiences for your students. Make it clear that you are focused on quality and maintaining high expectations. One very strong lesson will always be better than taking two days of content and jamming them into one class period.

Fight the urge to work faster. Quality work takes time and patience.


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One thought on “Stick with your game plan

  1. Kaitlyn Wyman on said:

    Hello Mr. Bernia! I am Kaitlyn Wyman, from the University of South Alabama. I loved your post about being quick about getting back on schedule after being out of school for a while, rather than being sloppy. There’s a huge difference between being quick about things and not hurrying. You, as well as I, want the students to be completely up to date on their lessons, and not letting our disorganization due to being sloppy affect them. Thanks for sharing!

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