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@joshlinkner. You Should Know Who He Is.

“Hoarding books makes them worth less, not more.”
Seth Godin

In the spirit of the above quote, I call your attention to an author I discovered last weekend. While Josh Linkner writes primarily for business, his work on leadership is very applicable to education. As school leaders, we’re often saying that we need to get creative. Just as often bureaucracy complicates the ability for educators to actually put their creative ideas into actions. While I have only ordered “Disciplined Dreaming,” based on his recent newspaper columns, I am confident I will learn and grow.

I’d encourage you to read two of Linkner’s columns and reflect on the lessons for leaders as you are getting ready to kick your school year off again.

Are you more likely to say “I have an idea,” or “I have a concern.” One is a sure way to play to win, the other, a play not to lose. While there is always room for both, I feel like in the past few years, with an unsure economy and increased public scrutiny of our operation that our pendulum has swung to the conservative, play not to lose mentality. This year, I’m going to get aggressive.

Do you have an integrity gap? Are you a “talker” or a “doer?” Now is the time to think about the professional you are, and the professional you want to be. This year, I’m going to build in measures to make sure I remain focused on action rather than rhetoric.

As you are setting goals and getting primed for the new year, check out the work of Josh Linkner, are we allowing members of our organization to be creative, or are we creating roadblocks?


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