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Twitter, Take the Next Step

Professional learning is strongest when it is ongoing, the timeline is flexible, and the material is relevant. Twitter is one of the finest tools educators have in their arsenals. It is free, it allows you to make choices about what you follow, and it connects you to other professionals.

All of us fall somewhere on the “Twitter Continuum.”

– You don’t have an account.
– You have an account, but don’t visit Twitter.
– You have an account and, every so often, will log in and see what others are doing.
– You have an account and log in regularly to see what others are posting, but don’t post yourself.
– You have an account, you post and see what others are doing.
– You have an account and have formed a group that works together and shares ideas (shout out to my friends and #edfocus, #teaching2030, and #ocprincipals).

Wherever you fall on the Twitter Continuum, my challenge to you is to take the next step or two. If you’re not on, join and start following the conversation. If you’re following, take the next step and start posting. Join a group or start your own for those with a common interest. If you’re already in a group, take your work to the next level.

Twitter is a fantastic tool, but the learning it facilitates for professionals is interdependent. For all of us to grow, each of us must contribute.

Take the next step (or two)!


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