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Do Support Staff Members Need PD?

One of the main focus points for every school leader during the summer are the offerings for Professional Development teachers will be presented with for the coming school year. While the idea process began months ago, summer is the time to pull together teacher leaders and set an agenda for the staff learning for the year.

As I start to think about our teachers, our challenges, and our certified staff PD for next year, an idea occurred to me. I’m not doing anything to help a large segment of our staff grow. Our non-certified support staff have needs just like our teachers. While their work is not instructional, it is important. If our school is going to be a place where “everyone learns,” as the leader, I have to think about how to help all staff members grow.

I’m going to take the leap this year, using a traditional PD approach. I’m going to purchase a book for each support staff member, ask them to read it, and be intentional about sitting down to talk with them about their takeaways.

As DuFour and Marzano point out in Leaders of Learning, “school improvement means people improvement.” Our view of this statement has become too narrow. “All must mean all” cannot just be a statement for our students.


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4 thoughts on “Do Support Staff Members Need PD?

  1. Carrie on said:

    What books might you have your support staff read? Last year mine read “How Full Is Your Bucket”. They really enjoyed it. Looking for a good read for this year.

    • I like your selection for last year! I’m leaning toward “Gung Ho!” by Blanchard, I like the story/principles and there are some nice materials that go along with the book as we talk about it throughout our year.

      Thanks for making a comment and for reading!

  2. Becky on said:

    What book did you choose?

    • Thanks for asking and for reading!

      I selected “Gung Ho!” by Ken Blanchard. It’s short, but powerful, and conveys the important messages about finding purpose in your work, taking control of your goals, and bringing joy to others at work. Very excited to share it!

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