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An Honor and a Responsibility

Two years ago, I received word from our Superintendent that she was going to recommend me to be the next principal of Oakview. This was a huge professional honor for me, and after sharing the news with my wife, I called my parents to let them know.

To the students here, an important distinction, I called them on the telephone, I did not send them a text. Parents want to hear their children’s voices in these instances.

When I told my mother the news she said “that’s an honor and a huge responsibility.” She was right. I’m lucky to wake up each day and serve as your principal. There are many privileges that go with my work, but there are also heavy responsibilities. Each day, I know that I am responsible for the learning and work environment. Students and staff need to know they are safe and supported when they are here, and it is my job to foster the kind of place where people want to be.

In many ways, tonight, your induction into our National Junior Honor Society is an honor and a responsibility. You’ve earned the high grades and citizenship that have qualified you for the recognition you will receive in a few moments. However, your presence here and acceptance of the invitation to join a service organization means you accept responsibility for making our school the kind of place we all hope it to be. Your role is to serve as an example in classrooms, hallways, the cafeteria, on the athletic fields or courts, and in the arts. To quote my mother, this is “an honor and a responsibility.”

Note: Each year, secondary principals get the opportunity to make short speeches at spring events. I try to organize mine around a theme and selected “Lessons I’ve Learned” for the past school year. This is the first of three posts with my remarks for students, today, taken from our National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony.


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