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Every Staff Member Matters

As the students and staff depart for the summer, a group of employees, often overlooked, begins their biggest project of the year. June, July, and August are commonly known as “summer cleaning” for school custodians. Prior to working as an administrator, I was a teacher. Before I started teaching, I was a school custodian. My work in public education began sweeping hallways, emptying trash, and washing windows as I worked my way through college. This experience gives me a special perspective on the work that these staff members do every day, but particularly in the summer.

Today, I made a special effort to say “thank you” to these employees. I bought them lunch, which was served in our cafeteria. Each time they shared their appreciation for the gesture, I responded by praising the work that they do. After they headed back to their tasks for the day, I made it a point to clean the tables, floor, and empty the trash barrels to give them the chance to leave a mess behind and not have to clean up.

While it was a small gesture, it was a good reminder that EVERY staff member matters. Regardless of the job they do or their hourly wage, for our school to be successful, it takes the contribution of every adult. Our custodians give us a clean, safe, bright environment to educate our students, and should be recognized for their efforts.

When you get a chance, be sure to say thank you to your custodians, they are often overlooked and under-appreciated for the work they do.


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