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Be a leader!

This morning, I had the opportunity to speak to a room full of high school students who are leaders from all over our county to kick off their 2012 regional conference. When I thought about what to say to these young people, it occurred to me that their groups, whether they are a student council, honor society, or leadership class, were all non-profit organizations. In that spirit, I spoke with them about how the groups we lead are different, and that we needed to be aware of that reality when we do our work.

Contrasting what non-profits do with the private sector, I urged all of the students to “think of ways to deliver exceptional services to our consumers efficiently.” I went on to define our “consumers” as their peers, their local community, or even the global community.

While I am confident that some working in industry would agree with my ideas and see some similarities to what the principles that lead corporations or small businesses, I tried my best to talk about how leading a non-profit organization is unique.

You can see my presentation here, perhaps you’ll find something interesting.


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4 thoughts on “Be a leader!

  1. Ms. Lafayette on said:

    Great prezi! Thanks for sharing this resource!

  2. Mr. Bernia,
    Great post! I enjoyed watching your Prezi presentation. I love how Prezi offers a new way to present information to students. I think you did a fantastic job explaining how leading a non-profit organization is different from any other group on your Prezi presentation. I’m sure the high school students that you spoke with now have a better understanding of the reality of non-profit organizations and how to adjust their services accordingly.

    Laura Ellenburg
    University of South Alabama
    EDM 310 Spring 2012

  3. Cyndi Ford on said:

    Mr. Bernia,

    Your Prezi was very informative on leadership. I gained knowledge as well as motivation that I will take with me as a future educator. Thank you for your presentation.

    Cyndi Ford click here

  4. Joy Eady on said:

    Mr. Bernia,

    I’m a student at the University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class and will be commenting on you post and then posting them to my blog April 1st. I really enjoyed your prezi.It was really neat and very informational on the leadership topic. I think you did a great job explaining how leading non profit organizations are different from all the rest. Thanks for all the information it was very motivating and helped me gain more knowledge on leadership.

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