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Things to do on a snow day

I was ready to roll today. Had my suit on, bag packed, and was on the road for school when my phone rang and an automated message let me know that the icy roads would keep students at home today. Despite what many assume, a snow day is still a work day for educators, but technology allowed me to get caught up from the cozy confines of my home rather than my office.

Now that I have responded to e-mails, typed up some plans, and gotten some materials organized, it’s time to move on to some work I don’t always get to. Before diving in, I wanted to take a second to publish my list of things that educators should do on a snow day.

Take a look at Justin Baeder’s resources on productivity.

I’ve been living with a “paperless desk” for a month now and could not feel better. His webinar on productivity, while titled for principals, had strong implications for all educators. Get command over paper, e-mail, and tasks.

*Participating in the iPad webinar series that begins this week, made sure the logistics are ready to roll for tomorrow night.

It’s Monday, that means Dan Hickey has a motivational post.

Not only is he one of my mentors, he publishes some inspirational words once a week. You’ll find yourself fired up to meet the challenges you face and will take a new view on some of the work you do.

*Going to go through my books today after Dan’s latest post.

Take a  few minutes and visit Ted.

The website is regularly updated with great talks that never fail to excite, impress, inspire, or activate new thoughts.

*Watched three young women talking about scientific research today. Keep in mind, the first speaker is in middle school and the latter are in high school.




Who is that person you have been meaning to e-mail, but haven’t?

If you’ve moved around or lost touch with a colleague, an unexpected break in the schedule is the perfect opportunity to send an e-mail and say hello.

E-mailed my former teaching partner today, always good to reconnect.

Take a step toward achieving a Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Jim Collins, in his book Built to Last, writes about BHAG’s as visionary statements that are meant to elicit emotion. Establish some goals, or take some steps towards those you already have.

*Took a practice GRE exam today. In all my graduate work, program admission hasn’t required it, but the latest challenge in my journey to become “Dr. Bernia” does. I’ll be working on it each day between now and February 27.


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