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#edfocus and The Principal Center, the partnership continues…

As posted a few minutes ago at The Principal Center:

Last night, the live component of our “Surpassing Shanghai” book club met on Twitter. If you missed us or want a review, you can find a transcript here.

Today, the message board chat opens, focused on part 1 of the book. It’s a chance to expand your thinking from last night, or add to the conversation. Some potential questions to get you thinking:

– What was your biggest takeaway from Part 1 of the book?

– What perceptions did you have before you read that were proved/disproved?

– What trends did you notice across the 5 profiled countries?

– PISA, is it a legitimate way to measure student achievement?

– Select a country (China, Finland, Japan, Singapore, Canada) profiled, what are they doing right, and what are they doing wrong?

– Of the five systems profiled, which would you most like to work in?

I look forward to hearing from you!


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