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#edfocus and the Principal Center, a partnership

I’m thrilled to make a proposal that will link the power of the best chat on Twitter (#edfocus) with the always resourceful website The Principal Center. This partnership will create an opportunity for educators to collaborate and grow by taking the deep book chats from Twitter to expanding them around the book “Surpassing Shanghai” edited by Marc Tucker. Here are the details of my proposal:

  • I’ll start a forum for each chapter of the book, staggering the time so people have time to respond.
  • We’re scheduled to have our next session of #edfocus on January 11, 2012 at 8:00 CT (NEW TIME). I propose that we talk about Part I of the book, Countries with High Performing Systems, which is more than the usual first half of the book we generally read.
  • On January 12, I will open the “message board” chat about the first half of the book on the Principal Center. This will give us the opportunity to offer thoughts beyond 140 characters at our own pace AND will provide some time for reflection on what was said during our live chat. This message board chat will be open for posting at any time, which should work well with everyone’s busy schedule. There will be questions about the five high performing countries to talk about, as well as a forum for #edfocus reflections. I’ll also publish a “storify” link to summarize our chat.
  • On January 25, 2012, again at 8:30 CT (NEW TIME), we’ll have our #edfocus chat, this time about Part II of the book, How the United States can match the Best Performers.
  • On January 26, 2012, I’ll open a second round of the message board chat, again to offer new thoughts and reflections.

I’m very eager to hear your feedback on the above proposal from those intending to participate.



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2 thoughts on “#edfocus and the Principal Center, a partnership

  1. This sounds great! We need to be about using more than one forum/tool to continue our discussions and growth! Thanks for leading the way!

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