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The Twitter Project

Yesterday, during my presentation at our District Technology Camp for teachers, there were several opportunities for dialog between me and the teachers I was speaking to. As we talked back and forth about harnessing the power of Twitter, not only for ourselves but for students, I had an idea. Feeling bold, I went ahead and proposed it to the group, stating that I will be looking for teachers to work with me on this project.

My idea: I am proposing a 2 to 4 week enrichment program for middle school students, completed through Twitter.

Why: I think that some students would be interested in being connected with something new that kept them engaged in thinking activities.

The mechanics: Students would be recruited to join twitter and sign up for the program. They’d receive a message linking them to a pre-survey about the project to get their feedback on expectations, demographics, and technology use. Following this, there would be a daily “tweet” using a hashtag with a question or task for students to complete in a 24 hour period via twitter. At the end of the program, another survey would be sent to evaluate the program. Students that completed every task would be eligible for some form of a prize, which would be the only direct “cost,” aside from the time/stipend for a person to send out the message and to review what students submit.

Examples of questions/tasks would include:

– Write a 5 word sentence about a wonderful summer afternoon.

– Tweet 3 pictures of examples of right angles.

– A word of the day, asking students to send a picture of a real-world example.

– Tweet an example of everyday use of fractions.

– Read the included article, tweet a 1 sentence summary.

While there is still some details to iron out, such as all the tasks or development of surveys, I think that we are on the verge of an optional program that might benefit some kids by keeping them engaged for a few weeks in the summer. While this project would have the students from my district in mind, there really is no reason that others could not participate. Twitter allows access to happen anywhere, so kids could take this project with them on vacation or to the beach for a day.

As is the case with all ideas, feedback is needed and appreciated.


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2 thoughts on “The Twitter Project

  1. Sounds pretty interesting, unfortunately, students have to be 13 before they can have a Twitter account. This limits you to the 8th grade and half of the 7th grade. I’ve looked at an installation of to get around these issues, but haven’t really had the chance to work on it. 😦

    • Hi Ryan,

      Interesting, I had never thought about access issues for those under 13. is an option, that will be something I have to wrestle with as time goes on. I know we could use text message services as well, that may be the route we have to take for our under 13 crowd.

      Thanks for the information, I’ll keep working through the process,

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