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My Presentation Handout

Presentation Handout

Lake Orion District “Tech Camp”

“Building your PLN: Social Media for Professional Development”

John Bernia, Principal, Oakview Middle School


Sites to “get in the game.”

Twitter – connect with others.

Tweetdeck – Follow several hashtags all on one screen.

WordPress – Create your own blog.

Blogspot – Start your own blog in the style of our superintendent.

Weebly – A simple tool to build a website, check out what Mrs. Owens accomplished!

Wikispaces – Build a site to collaborate

Diigo – Online bookmarking

Articles to Read

Many Educators Find Twitter a Useful Tool

How Twitter in the Classroom is Boosting Student Engagement

How to use Twitter to Grow Your PLN

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2 thoughts on “My Presentation Handout

  1. Mr. Bernia
    I saw your twitter post tonight and thought You might want to had this to your presentation. 100 must read blog posts on the future of learning.

    Good Luck on Monday!

  2. Not only was the link an outstanding addition to my presentation, it was an example of the power of twitter. Thanks!

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