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A guest on Eduleadership Radio

In addition to maintaining two websites, Justin Baeder (aka @eduleadership), is the host of Eduleadership Radio, a podcast dedicated to bringing the best in professional practice to leaders in education. A few weeks ago, he interviewed Dr. Mike Schmoker about his book “Focus,” and last week, I was fortunate enough to be his guest to respond to this interview, as well as to talk about #edfocus, a bi-weekly book chat that I participate in on Twitter.

If you are interested in hearing what I had to say about professional learning on twitter, literacy, or my views on Dr. Schmoker’s book, you can find the podcast here, or via iTunes.

I’d like to use this forum to thank Justin not only for hosting me as a guest, but to also compliment his work. His podcasts are outstanding, as is his work at the Principal Center, where administrators can connect and collaborate. In addition, many thanks to Justin Tarte for organizing our group, I’m looking forward to this Wednesday at 8:30 Central Time to talk about the second half of “Leaders of Learning.”


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One thought on “A guest on Eduleadership Radio

  1. Thanks John! It was a privilege to chat with you!

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