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The Principal’s Award Winner

Last night was our end of the year ceremony. I presented my Principal’s Award to Rachel, a very deserving 8th grader. My comments about her:

Principal’s Award Remarks – June 9, 2011

As read at the Waldon Middle School 8th grade celebration by John Bernia

Years ago on National Public Radio, as part of a program called “All Things Considered” a series of segments called “This I Believe,” aired. Based on a 1950s radio show, people were asked to articulate their core beliefs. One episode especially inspired me, so much that I keep a printed copy of the transcript on my desk. It’s called “the virtue of the quiet hero” by Senator John McCain. In it, after speaking about “serving a cause greater than our own self-interest,” he says:

“In America, we celebrate the virtues of the quiet hero, the modest person who does their duty without complaint or expectation of praise.”

As I thought of who to nominate, I thought of a student who is everything Senator McCain spoke about, a selfless leader who contributes wherever possible. She steps forward when someone is in need, takes on challenges, and speaks up when no one else will. She does not seek recognition; rather, she serves as a symbol of kindness, tolerance, and acceptance. After next week, she will leave Waldon a better place than she found it, and has enriched the lives of her peers and our staff. Whether she is making friends with new students, contributing to her classes, competing on one of our athletic teams, her work stands out as an example for others. I could not possibly be more proud of her. She has a creative, artistic mind, and a positive attitude that inspire me each time I am fortunate enough to interact with her. Tonight, we honor a student who epitomizes “the quiet hero.”

It is my honor to present a Principal’s Award to Rachel C.

If you are interested, here’s a copy of Senator McCain’s This I Believe transcript.


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