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Paul Simon, educator

This morning, I came across the following YouTube video. While I cannot say that I am a fan of Paul Simon, the story was so compelling that I had to at least take a moment and watch. The story goes that a fan at a concert, Rayna, called out for the song “Duncan” and said something about learning to play it herself. From there, she was invited to come on stage and perform.

As I watched this video, I could not help but think that Paul Simon was doing exactly what all of us as educators are called to do. Our job is to put children in a position to try something and succeed beyond anything they may have imagined before. To build a positive, engaging classroom where kids can take a chance and write a story, paint a picture, play an instrument, solve a problem, experiment, or make a free throw. It’s my hope this is the kind of experience and joy that is happening in our classrooms and schools, whether it is the first day of school or one of the last days before vacation.


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One thought on “Paul Simon, educator

  1. I thought the same thing! Put them (middle schoolers) “on the stage” and let them have the spotlight. Incredible things will happen. Thank you~

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